Weight Loss Foods to Avoid when Dieting and Exercising


Weight Loss Foods to Avoid During Diet: Weight loss that makes people healthier and fitter requires a careful diet and plenty of exercises. There are certain foods people should include in their everyday meals. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, beans, and different varieties of nuts, etc. These help the body get sufficient nutrients. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals and keep carbohydrates and fats to a minimum.

Weight Loss Foods to Avoid
Weight Loss Foods to Avoid

In India, the diet includes a lot of sugar because we eat sugary stuff like jalebis, laddus, Rasgullas as sweet dishes after meals. Our food also contains lots of deep-fried items like potato chips, bhaji, and some street foods. Junk food like french fries, pizza, donuts all have become a part of our routine intake. In weight loss, what foods to avoid are equally as important as the foods we consume. Here is a list of some of the weight loss foods to avoid.

Food snacks

Commercially produced snacks that include fruits in their descriptions are very unhealthy. They contain a lot of sugars and do not provide the necessary fibers. Some examples include fruit gummies and fruit cakes. Intake of this processed sugar causes weight gain. It also leads to dental problems in kids. In adults, excess consumption can lead to pre-diabetes.

French Fries

This has become a fast-selling food item that a majority of people consume nowadays. From kids to young adults and even older people, french fries have become a go-to meal. These fries are harmful as they contain unhealthy trans-fat and empty calories. Besides, eating fries also leads to weight gain to make it certainly a weight loss foods avoid.

Sweetened drinks

Drinks like coca-cola, Pepsi, and Fanta, etc. are consumed in high quantities today. These are weight loss foods to avoid as they carry the risk of obesity. They are harmful to the body in other ways as well. They can cause type 2 diabetes, cavities, heart disease, and insulin resistance.

Weight loss foods not to eat include packaged fruit drinks. Available in the market are just as bad as soda. As they contain sugar sweeteners, they should replace by milk and homemade beverages.


While cheese has a lot of proteins and calcium, cheese is a weight loss food not to eat because a slice of cheese can contain up to 100 calories. It also has a lot of fat, so people wanting to lose weight should avoid cheese. Instead, they can have other dairy products like milk, curd to get the required calcium.

Aloo puri

It’s a popular option in Indian cultures for the breakfast options and also in college and work canteens. Aloo puri contains a lot of fat due to its being fried in oil and because potatoes are naturally high in carbohydrates. Therefore, it’s on our weight loss foods avoid list. It can easily lead to unwanted weight gain. A healthier option for breakfast that is light is dhokla or any wheat-based cereal.

Butter naan

Butter naan made of flour, which raises the number of calories we consume. For lunch or dinner, a better option is to eat tandoori roti, which are made of wheat. It contains about 100 calories while a butter naan adds around 235.

Potato chips. 

Eating potato chips as a snack puts on the kilos. They are incredibly high in trans fats, which, apart from adding weight, lead to various diseases. Some of the most severe health problems include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and unhealthy weight gain. So, to have a healthier snacking option, try makhanas. They are crunchy and a great source of fiber. Makhanas also have no sodium content, unlike potato chips.

Sooji ka halwa

Sooji ka halwa is one of the popular sweet options all over India. It is super heavy and contains almost 450 calories in a single helping. To satisfy the sweet tooth, try having dates as an alternative. Fresh fruits are also a much healthier option. For weight loss, foods not to eat should include sooji ka halwa. Similar super sugary foods like jalebis, jaggery, gulab jamun should also avoid.

Red meat

If you are not- vegetarian, add fish or white meat like chicken in your diet instead of red meat. Red meat is higher in saturated fat as well as raises blood cholesterol levels. Therefore adding fish in your diet is better as it is a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It helps improve our body function. Fish and chicken are low-fat, so it helps in weight loss.

Packaged noodles

Packaged noodles are low in nutrition. They also contain high levels of sodium. This makes them super unhealthy and should be the weight loss foods to avoid. These include all processed noodles, including pasta and spaghetti.

Refined flour

 Refined flour or maida subjected to heavy processing. Therefore, it loses its health benefits and adds empty calories in our diet. This leads to weight gain. Healthier options to refined flour or maida is whole wheat flour or atta. You can also try other healthy grains to make Rotis.*

Chocolate and candies

Like Candies, lollipops, are packed with sugar and other sweetening agents. Apart from this, they also have artificially added colors added to make them look attractive and taste good. They can lead to increased blood sugar and diabetes in the long run. They should also avoid for weight loss. For chocolates, small amounts of dark chocolate can take. They can be useful for heart health as well.


Although alcohol is colourless and tasteless, it has lots of empty calories. It is a significant cause of weight gain. People add sugary liquids to their drinks. Thus, they end up consuming more calories than they should. Beer, in particular, has carbohydrates. So, when people consume it, it leads to the formation of a ‘beer belly’ in the long run. This is weight gain in the belly area. Thus, alcohol consumption should keep to a minimum.

Avoiding these items in our day to day life can lead to an improvement in our health. It can help us in shedding those extra pounds if the diet carefully followed over some time.

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